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The Impact of Online Reviews

A fabulous insight in to the very impact of online reviews on consumer purchasing decisions reveals there is evidence to support the notion that online reviews are more influential when consumers have relatively greater Internet experience.

Given the fact that this study was carried out in 2008, new research has come to show that Internet users are becoming ‘review savvy’, understanding how to decipher good qualitative reviews from those that may have been added by parties with a vested interest.

It’s interesting to observe just how quickly this market is evolving.

Amazon has been the main pioneer of the peer to peer review system. Figures support the notion that web users can pick out the specific reviews that are relevant to their particular requirements.

Now though it’s not just stand-alone products benefiting or being hindered by reviews. Individual businesses are increasingly seeing the effects as a result of platforms such as Google Places, Yelp and other 3rd party review sources.

In our previous article (Is Your Business Seeing Stars) we looked at how powerful online reviews are when it comes to consumer or business to business purchasing decisions.

This fast moving market is set to see rapid change and evolution in the coming years as consumers and businesses get to grip with ensuring their good reputation from the real-world follows them online.

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