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Is Your Business Seeing Stars?

How Important Are Star Ratings for Your Business?

When people see stars, they make an instant psychological connection. It resonates with them in such a powerful way that to overlook the importance of the star rating system could mean you’re alienating hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers.

It could very well be the case that behind each low star rating seen on the search engine results pages, is a competitor, disgruntled ex-employee or a single individual who had an isolated bad experience with your business.

In context, that matters to you. In context, you can explain it. In reality, your potential new customers don’t care! In the age of instant opinions being formed, 95% of people won’t even investigate further because they will simply click on someone else’s business website or review page. You don’t get a chance to explain or to give context.

You HAVE to play the numbers game – get more high star ratings and bring your average up so that the instant decisions are being made in your favour and not your competition’s.

Take a look at the results page for the search “private hire Nottingham”

This is a vivid example of how, for once, the actual ranking place is surpassed in terms of its impact by a single listing that benefits from the incredible value of 3rd party endorsement.

The reverse example of the star rating in effect is when a company’s listing appears at the top of the search results but with a low (below 4) star rating.

People are influenced by stars, by the opinions of others and by ratings systems – it’s our job as online reputation management consultants to help businesses to ensure their stars are aligned.

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