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Google Places Reviews What You Need to Know

Google Places, formerly known as Google Local, is becoming an increasingly pivotal tool in the consumer decision making process. Did you know:

  • Customers that refine web searches by customer rating average a 22% increase in sales per visit, increasing to 41% over several years (BazaarVoice Research).
  • Reviews will raise customer loyalty and sales alike (Deloitte & Touche).
    Customer reviews will have a positive impact on average order amounts, with 27% of shoppers increasing spend by 5-10% (Hayes and Jarvis).
  • To get positive customer reviews, you’ll have to ask for them. The good news is many people will respond to your request and provide a positive review.

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TripAdvisor in Dishonest Reviews Claim

Advertising watchdogs have levelled criticism at the popular travel website TripAdvisor, suggesting that some of the customer reviews published on the site are not totally honest.

Review espionage (where bad reviews are published by competitors or vested parties) has become an increasingly difficult area to police for both search engines and website publishers. Read more

The Impact of Online Reviews

A fabulous insight in to the very impact of online reviews on consumer purchasing decisions reveals there is evidence to support the notion that online reviews are more influential when consumers have relatively greater Internet experience.

Given the fact that this study was carried out in 2008, new research has come to show that Internet users are becoming ‘review savvy’, understanding how to decipher good qualitative reviews from those that may have been added by parties with a vested interest.

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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Online Reputation

1. Social networks

Using social networks allows you to engage and keeps your message relevant. Ignoring social networks can not only leave you out of the conversations taking place about your business/brand, it can also mean you’re leaving substantial revenues on the table.

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Is Your Business Seeing Stars?

How Important Are Star Ratings for Your Business?

When people see stars, they make an instant psychological connection. It resonates with them in such a powerful way that to overlook the importance of the star rating system could mean you’re alienating hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers.

It could very well be the case that behind each low star rating seen on the search engine results pages, is a competitor, disgruntled ex-employee or a single individual who had an isolated bad experience with your business.

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