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Case Studies

For obvious reasons, we don’t disclose the names of our clients – and you can be assured that any work we may undertake for you will be delivered with the highest degree of privacy and discretion – we can however, profile some of our work and give an insight in to the results we have achieved for businesses from a variety of different sectors.

Corporate Reputation Management

Client: Global, publicly listed pharmaceutical company

Work: The client required us to assist them in giving greater prominence to scientific information about one of their flagship products. As the client is unable to undertake traditional marketing and advertising in many territories due to legal constraints on the promotion of pharmaceutical products, they were unable to guarantee that customers were accessing the most accurate or scientifically correct data about their product. They needed their own website and those of some of the most trusted scientific journals to have greater presence when people were searching for information about their product in order to give a more balanced picture. We undertook the necessary work to make this happen.

Results: The information the client needed customers to have access to was elevated from pages as far back as the 40th results page in Google, to the very top of the search engines. Social media links were built in order to give customers greater access to the most accurate product data and we also managed to achieve several first page search engine positions for the scientific journal’s coverage of the client’s product, moving them from – in some cases – the 60th page of the search engines to the 1st.

SME Reputation Management

Client: Specialist software company

Work: The client was suffering from a long-standing, concerted smear campaign carried out by a commercial rival. As the client had never previously attempted to use the Worldwide Web as a marketing platform, the most prominent information about products in their business sector was controlled almost exclusively by their competitor. As a result, customers searching for balanced and fair data were only ever exposed to positive information regarding their competitor’s products and negative information about their own. We delivered a 12-month project that consisted of showing the client how to make better use of digital platforms to spread their message as well as working to give greater prominence to their product data from non biased sources.

Results: The client saw positive coverage and independent data relating to their products overtake their competitor’s within 6 months. The client attributed a sales growth of 4% exclusively to the work we performed, delivering an overall ROI of 640%.

Local Business Reputation Management

Client: National group of private dental practices

Work: The client was concerned about growing coverage and aggressive marketing of cosmetic dentist tourism (where people travel to other countries to pay for cheap cosmetic dentistry). The client was aware, and provided many case studies, of cases where customers had been left in agony following dental treatment in another country with no after care. The client’s single objective was to ensure adequate information was available and easy to access about the various risks associated with dental tourism and to provide a fair and honest assessment of the different degrees of experience, regulation and professional care available at their UK dental practices.

Results: We were able to position the client’s brand, information and case studies prominently to more than 30,000 potential customers who were considering an overseas cosmetic dental procedure. The client gained more than 500 new customers as a direct result of our work.