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When it comes to appointing someone to look after something as incredibly valuable as your good reputation, we recognise you might want to know a little more about us.

10 Things You Might Like to Know About Us

  1. RepProtect is a part of the Vivo Media group, founded in 2005 as a digital media & publishing business, helping companies & brands make the most of the digital economy.
  2. Our management team and strategic partners have been doing business via the Worldwide Web since 1998.
  3. Our experience with online reputation management began when we were given the task of helping one of the world’s leading brands to navigate a particularly vicious online hate campaign from a series of organised, but largely mis-informed, activists.
  4. We believe strongly that businesses and individuals should have the right to reply to negative coverage as well as access to the same platform and reach as their detractors.
  5. Our firm combines a healthy mix of computer nerds and experienced PR/media management professionals – we regard this as the ultimate combination in delivering effective online reputation management solutions.
  6. We regard the knowledge contained within our business in relation to search engine algorithms and social media management to be unsurpassed by any other PR or reputation management provider. We really do feel we’re among the very best in the world.
  7. We have access to & the skills to operate software and tools that can assist our people in delivering positive results and desired outcomes in record time.
  8. We believe in outcome focus, not process focus.
  9. We practice what we preach. As the owner of many of our own brands we have honed our online reputation management skills by working on many, many in-house projects as well as those of our clients.
  10. We employ consultants and partners who understand the value of discretion and professionalism when dealing with something as precious as your reputation.