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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Online Reputation

1. Social networks

Using social networks allows you to engage and keeps your message relevant. Ignoring social networks can not only leave you out of the conversations taking place about your business/brand, it can also mean you’re leaving substantial revenues on the table.

2. Blogging

Businesses who blog generate more interest and more sales. Blogging is something that has become an essential part of the modern business marketing process.

3. Understand what’s being said about you

Tracking and monitoring your business/brand mentions online allows you to access the most relevant feedback about your business/brand and correct any misinformation promptly.

4. Organic SEO

You simply need to ensure that when people are searching for you or the products/services you are offer, they find you. This not only allows you to build upon your good reputation, it is an exceptionally valuable sales funnel.

5. Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews

Customers will leave reviews if they are very unhappy but not all customers leave reviews when they’ve had a good experience. It’s down to you to develop a good incentive for your customers to write about you in the places that matter.

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